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Welcome to Intrugo Mobile Data Services

Intrugo is a leading enabler of mobile entertainment services assisting media companies, content providers, retailers, brands, and broadcasters with the delivery, and billing of mobile content, as well as the execution of mobile marketing campaigns.

Turn your ideas into reality in an instance thanks to Intrugo’s experienced implementation team who guides you through the process of obtaining short codes and carrier approvals.

Many markets use premium rate services as a convenient micropayment system that all potential customers can access from the convenience of their mobile. Intrugo is the global market leader, premium SMS or an international premium rate number.

Our experience and global sms experience enable us to advise clients and facilitate new premium rate products.


Our Services Include:


  • Premium-rated SMS Services with International Coverage
  • One-time-billings and subscriptions
  • Multiple tarifs
  • Multiple countries
  • Own keywords and own shortcodes
  • Easy to setup


Premium SMS messaging is the easiest way for charging amounts to a users mobile phone account, and generate immediate revenue, below are some examples of products:


  • Adult chat date services
  • Tech Support
  • Weather forecasts
  • Voting in TV Show
  • Financial Advice
  • Gaming – Trivia
  • Subscription Entertainment Services
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